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MCS Global Transport, headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, leads the industry with full cargo & transport solutions to importers and exporters worldwide.

MCS Global Transport offers competitive Air Freight rates as well as the know-how to help you address any transport challenges.

With 48 common, contract, and broker authorities nationwide, MCS Global Transport is your best solution for local or regional trucking services.

As a licensed OTI and NVOCC by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), we provide reliable and timely Ocean Transportation Intermediary services to clients worldwide.

Our temperature-controlled warehouse space spans 130,000 square feet and features 35 doors. Our warehouse services include transloading, export consolidation, import distribution, and storage.

40 years of experience and a trusted global transport network gives us the ability to offer our clients unrivaled freight forwarding solutions all under one roof. Give us call today to discuss your freight forwarding needs.

As an experienced & trusted NVOCC, MCS Global Transport offers reliable documentation and customs clearance services to clients in various industries. Contact us today to discuss your cargo transport needs.


Air Freight is the best means of cargo transport when time is of the essence. MCS Global Transport will ensure your shipment arrives safely and quickly anywhere in the world. Air Freight helps clients with urgent delivery deadlines and we understand that fast responses, consistent shipping updates, and experienced planning helps reduce the stress in these situations. Having a shipping partner who understands the air freight industry is critical. With rates and laws ever changing, MCS Global Transport offers its clients stability and the foundation to maintain a reliable supply chain.

Expedited Air Freight
Over night or next day delivery options available.
Experience & Dedication
Diligent staff fully equipped to handle any air shipping need.
Reliable Trucking Services
Trucks, flatbeds, trailers, and vans operating in the U.S & Canada.



MCS Global Transport understands the air freight process intimately and offers clients a full service one stop shop for your entire shipping experience. We will arrange the air transport of your cargo, ensure that there are no issues with documentation and customs clearing, arrange for land transport when the cargo arrives, and even offer a full array of warehouse services. MCS Global Transport is the only air freight provider you will ever need. Call us today to discuss your time sensitive shipment needs.

  • Timely pick up and delivery services

  • Reliable and fast quote responses.

  • Same day, overnight, 2-day and deferred options.

  • Licensed & bonded freight forwarding professional

  • International & domestic air freight services available.

  • Trucking services available in the U.S. & Canada.

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As an industry leader in coast to coast cargo transport, our trucking division currently has 48 state common, contract and brokerage authorities to meet any and all of your trucking needs. We offer a full range of trucking services to our clients. In fact, we are one of the few pier carriers that have company owned and operated tractors serving clients throughout the east coast. Our company drivers are all equipped with only the best vehicles and modern radiophones for seamless communication.

Domestic Transport Expert
We are a bonded carrier and as a Customs House License (NWK269) holder we are able to transport liquor in NY, NJ, & CT.
Chassis Services
MCS currently owns 115 chassis that can be provided as rentals for your account. We currently have 85 x 40’ chassis, 17 x 20’ chassis, 4 x 20’ tri-axles, 8 x 40’ tri-axles and 1 x 8 pin chassis in our chassis fleet.
Flat Rack Loading
Trucks, flatbeds, trailers, and vans operating in the U.S & Canada.Flat racks are sometimes required for stowing heavy lift, over-height and/or over-width cargo, usually featuring collapsible end frames, lashing rings, corner posts, straps and chains to ensure safe, secure transport of your cargo.



From regional & local trucking services to flat rack loading and chassis services, MCS Global Transport is your full service trucking & cargo management partner. We also have a current Customs House License in N.J. (NWK269), a bonded carrier authority between states, and a liquor license for the transportation of liquor within New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Our truckload and flat bed services span from Essex and Hudson counties in New Jersey to 48 states nationwide.

  • Out of Gauge & Heavy Lift Services

  • Reliable & Licensed Cargo Transport to 48 States

  • Experienced Domestic Truck Brokerage

  • Company Owned & Operated Vehicles

  • Company Owned Fleet of Intermodal & Container Chassis

  • Expert East Coast Pier Intermodal Drayage

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Sea freight or commonly known as ocean freight has been the most reliable and sought out form of cargo transport since the beginning of the trade industry. MCS Global Transport sets the standard for all types of logistics including sea freight transport. Our dedicated team of ocean shipping experts offer you access to a world wide network of resources including reliable rates & routes all year long. Find out more about our ocean freight and sea transport services. We are fully licensed and insured by the FMC.

Expert Ocean Shipping
Worldwide relationships and 40 years of experience give us the advantage we need to give our clients the best possible sea freight services available.
Global Port Relationships
MCS Global Transport has curated reliable and long lasting relationships worldwide in it's 40 years of operations. We have been here for a while and we're not going anywhere so give us a call!
Open Communication
We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the most comprehensive & reliable sea freight services in the U.S.A. Your agent will always be available to answer questions or give updates!



There are many advantages to choosing MCS Global Transport for all your sea freight and cargo shipping needs. As a leading global freight forwarding firm, we are dedicated to offering only reliable and professional services to every client. One of the biggest benefits is our 40 years of experience and success in the logistics & transport industry. We offer our clients something they need for their business to grow and that is consistency. Small or large businesses can take advantage of our resources as we offer both LCL (Less-Than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) services. So whether you are looking to transport large amount of items or not, we can help. Sea Freight is a cost efficient and safe form of cargo transport so if you are in need of transporting your goods, give us a call. You can learn more about what is a freight forwarder and what they do by reading our blog.

  • Global relationships & resources for faster responses & reliable rates.

  • Remote Location Filing (RLF) for ports nationwide.

  • 40 years of freight experience & growth fueling your logistics chain.

  • NCBFAASA member with access to exclusive steamship contracts.

  • Ocean Transport services to ports all over the world.

  • Convenient LCL & FCL transport options available.

  • Licensed & bonded NVOCC & OTI

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Our warehousing & distribution services are designed to align with your unique cargo management needs. MCS Global Transport offers temperature-controlled warehouse space that spans 130,000 square feet and features 35 doors, designed to protect your cargo from freezing if requested. With two drive-in doors, we can even accommodate your automobile loading if needed. Our warehouse services include trans-loading, export consolidation, import distribution, heavy lifts (capacity 10 tons), loading of flat racks, and banding of cargo.

Reliable Inventory Management
MCS Global Transport have been know for decades as the most reliable source for inventory management & distribution.
Export & Imort Experts
40 years of experience handling large scales of inventory gives the edge we need to serve our clients with unrivaled warehouse services.
Trucking Services
MCS Global Transport has 48 contract, common, and broker truck authorities nationwide and a fleet of company owned trucks, flatbeds, vans, and more.



With extensive experience in export consolidations, you can rely on our staff to assist you with any type of load request. Our systems are fully equipped to manage all of your export cargo needs, such as a bill of lading, banking transmittal, or insurance declaration. MCS Global Transport gives you access to 40 years of export experience of port regulations including any necessary licenses and AES declarations. As a full logistics service provider, MCS Global Transport helps consolidate everything from documentation & commercial invoices to packing lists and delivery giving you more freedom to grow your business.

  • Bill of lading

  • Certificate of origin

  • Insurance declaration

  • Forwarder's certificate of receipt

  • Commodity-specific documents

  • Chamber & consular legalization

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As a fully licensed NVOCC and experienced freight forwarder our staff is prepared to supply you with the most economical and time efficient solutions for your shipment. Whether you are planning to transport your goods by air, ocean, rail, or highways, our staff is prepared and licensed to accommodate your needs.

Freight Forwarding Solutions
MCS Global Transport is a license freight forwarder and can offer export documentation services, book a container with a steamship line, or even Filing the necessary Shipper’s Export Declaration electronically.
Experience & Results
Get all your freight forwarding needs from one provider such as coordinating the inland drayage, negotiating international shipping rates, or providing dock receipts.
Customs Clearance
As a full service provider we offer all the necessary services under one roof including customs clearance and documentation services.



We are proud to provide a full range of services including: tracking inland transportation and ocean cargo, preparation of shippingand export documents, warehousing, booking cargo space, negotiating freight charges, freight consolidation, cargo insurance, filing of insurance claims, forwarding the ocean bill of lading to proper party, and more.

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As a fully licensed & bonded Customs Broker we take the hassle & stress out of the entire customs process by preparing all necessary documentation to clear or transport a client’s cargo in bond to its destination. We also provide Remote Location Filing (RLF) for other ports in the United States other than the NJ/NY area to reduce messenger fees and expedite clearance. This allows your shipment to get where it needs to go quickly and safely. We are also a proud member of the NCBFAASA, giving us access to many exclusive contracts with several steamship lines nationwide. Our membership to the NCBFAASA also allows us to meet and exceed your logistical and shipping needs at competitive rates you can rely on.

Licensed Experts
MCS Global Transport has the experience and the knowledge to ensure your shipments always meet requirements without any delays.
Trucking Services
Not only can we assist you with all your documentation needs but we can also help you transport your goods from port to port or even to your end destination.
Quality Services
As a leader in the logistics and transport industry, we take pride in our quality services and dedicated staff. Give us a call today to discuss your logistics needs.



We coordinate all documents necessary to clear Customs such as power of attorney, commercial invoices, forwarding and preparing of any necessary bills of lading. Providing reliable and diligent Customs Clearance services for over 40 years, MCS Global Transport has established a Customs Clearance division ready and able to handle any customs requirement so give us a call today to see how we can help with your custom clearance needs.

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